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Tom Callos, Hilo, HI — Verbal Judo, Say YES

Verbal Judo? It’s a no-brainer. OF COURSE we need this program.

The only thing I’m disturbed about is why it’s taken us so long to find and implement it! Let’s arm every child with Verbal Judo, to discourage bullying and to teach young people how to effectively and non-violently deal with conflict.

Let’s arm young women with Verbal Judo self-defense skills. Let’s make sure our teenage boys use Verbal Judo, rather than their fists, to solve their problems. And while we’re at it, let’s make sure married couples get some Verbal Judo too (may I have two orders, please?), as the work is just as useful in the kitchen as on the street.

I like Verbal judo. It’s a smart thing to learn and implement in your life, in your school, and in your community.

Verbal Judo? Say “YES.”

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