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Peter Liciaga, Mt Laurel, NJ

I have had a lot of success with Verbal Judo — and many schools are bringing me in.

Awesome, awesome program!

Christopher Feldt, Columbia, SC

Hi, my name is Sensei Chris Feldt and I am the owner and chief instructor of Samurai Karate Studio, located in Columbia, SC.

I was first introduced to Verbal Judo by Chan Lee after he took the week long training program. I was very impressed with the program’s emphasis on providing kids with a non violent way to help deal with bullies.

This is important, because the local schools in my district have a zero tolerance for fighting. Unfortunately, most parents don’t know how to help their child, so they just tell them to fight back. This often leads to suspension for both the bully and the victim.

I had been trying for a year, unsuccessfully, to get in to my local schools. As soon as I starting mentioning Verbal Judo as part of my anti-bully presentation, all of a sudden doors opened for me.

I have been invited to present my anti-bully workshops to several of the local schools, and I am now teaching an after school karate program in three of the schools in my district and I hope to add two more for the next school year.

I really believe that Verbal Judo has helped me establish more credibility in the community and let’s people know that I am serious about teaching children how to deal with bullies effectively, without breaking any rules at school.

Lastly, I also incorporated Verbal Judo into my school’s karate curriculum. Dr. Thompson has had huge success training the police and working with adults, using Verbal Judo tactics, so I wanted to make it available to to all my students using most of the materials provided by this program.

The feedback from my students and their parents has been very positive and I believe it will positively impact my student retention.

Thank you Mr.Lee and Dr.Thompson for developing such a unique and much needed program.

Ken Hargreaves, Central Coast, NSW

The verbal judo program is a fantastic addition to anyone who is serious about delivering real bullying solutions. Verbal judo gets to the heart of the matter with quantifiable results.

The car chats make total sense for busy parents driving kids here and there. What a master stroke!

Well done master Chan Lee, I look forward to future involvement with you and your team.

Zach Hayden, Hayden’s ATA Kendallville, IN

“It is nice to be able to tell students something other than ignore bullies.”

“My students enjoy the process of learning Verbal Judo — that’s one of the best parts of the program.”

Mark Weber, Manitowoc, WI

When I first heard about the Verbal Judo Program I immediately got involved. I had heard of Verbal Judo many times and the fact that Master Lee had adapted it to the martial arts was very exciting. It is complete, easy to implement, and the perfect tool to teach your student the tools to try to de-escalate a potential problem before it turns physical. With bullying running rampant in today’s schools (and everyday life), the Verbal Judo skills are perfect to give your students additional tools to work with. Not to mention it also gives you the credentials to open many doors in your community. If you have not signed up for the course for Verbal Judo, don’t wait another minute.

Tom Callos, Hilo, HI — Verbal Judo, Say YES

Verbal Judo? It’s a no-brainer. OF COURSE we need this program.

The only thing I’m disturbed about is why it’s taken us so long to find and implement it! Let’s arm every child with Verbal Judo, to discourage bullying and to teach young people how to effectively and non-violently deal with conflict.

Let’s arm young women with Verbal Judo self-defense skills. Let’s make sure our teenage boys use Verbal Judo, rather than their fists, to solve their problems. And while we’re at it, let’s make sure married couples get some Verbal Judo too (may I have two orders, please?), as the work is just as useful in the kitchen as on the street.

I like Verbal judo. It’s a smart thing to learn and implement in your life, in your school, and in your community.

Verbal Judo? Say “YES.”

Jay Lee, Colorado Springs, CA

“I haven’t had a tangible way to teach about bully proofing, confidence and verbal skills until I took the Verbal Judo course”