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Jay Lee, Colorado Springs, CA

“I haven’t had a tangible way to teach about bully proofing, confidence and verbal skills until I took the Verbal Judo course”

Sensei Jason Gould, Emerald Necklace Martial Arts, Boston, MA

Every martial artist needs to have these skills in their self-defense arsenal!
As martial arts instructors, the ability to quickly and effectively resolve a conflict verbally, without the need to resort to physical tactics and techniques, is probably the best gift we could ever give to our students. The Verbal Judo program gives students the specific tools that they need — greater awareness, the right vocabulary, and a proven process — to respond assertively to bullying and intimidation, and to diffuse and de-escalate confrontations USING WORDS before they become physical altercations.

Every martial artist needs to have these skills in their self-defense arsenal — take the course NOW so you can add value to your program and pass this vital information on to your students!

Sensei Jason Gould
Emerald Necklace Martial Arts
Boston, MA

Jason Yi, Jason Yi’s Taekwondo College, VA

“I struggled with how to teach a practical way to deal with bullying — until I took the Verbal Judo course.”

Joe Van Deuren, Balanced Life Skills, Annapolis, MD

I have learned a lot about the art of persuasion, keeping everyone calm even when they are stressed. In our classes, anger management and in particular Verbal Judo always brings the parents to complete silence, as everyone listens closely to the advice provided there. Everyone deals with this in their own life and Verbal Judo just makes sense and is easy to implement.

Thank you for making this available for me personally, our students and parents.

Randy Edwards

Parent Comments About Verbal Judo

“Verbal Judo is a fantastic life skill for my children”

“It is great for the kids to learn how to diffuse negative situations”

Master James Nam, Victorville Taekwondo Center, CA

“Wow — the incredible results I got from my parents and students have been unbelievable!”

“Parents have called me and thanked me for having this program.”

“Prior to Verbal Judo, I was just winging it as far as how to help my students with bullying.”

My name is Jim Nam and own and operate a Gold Medal TKD dojang with 375 active members, and I am also an athletic director for a high school and Jr high school in my district.

I joined Master Chan Lee’s Verbal Judo program and WOW! what a difference!

There are 2 main reason I LOVE this program:

First, it teaches effective techniques that have been taught to over 700,000 police officers (I use this statement in my enrollment conferences with great impact); and

Second, Master Lee has made the material so simple to understand. As a result, my staff does an excellent job presenting it to the class.

The staff loves it and I love it! This is the way the mat chat should be — interactive, not a lecture about the same old same old.

Verbal Judo is so effective I will be using it in our high school and Jr high Physical Education. While everyone is talking about the recession, I’m not concerned because my school stands out from the rest in town due to Verbal Judo.